Ahsan ullah
As the word coronavirus sounds, a picture of the world dying is erupting before the eyes. Panic and coronavirus have become synonymous with the global epidemic. This word is joined together by two words. Quarantine and Isolation. Both of these coronas are now the destination of those who are suspected or coronary. But what exactly is a quarantine? What is isolation? When exactly to go to quarantine, and when to isolation? What is the difference between these two? These things may not be so obvious to many.
In December last year, when the outbreak in China’s Hubei province began to spread to different countries within a month, people from different countries took refuge in quarantine to prevent the spread of this coronavirus. What does this quarantine word mean? In fact, the origin of these words is very significant. Knowing the origin, the meaning of these words will be very clear.
How is El Quarantine?
The Black Death Plague took place across Europe in the 8th century. Then a special rule was issued on behalf of the port city of Venice. It is said that if a foreign ship arrives at the port, or if the country’s ships return to trade elsewhere, it must be anchored in the sea for 40 days before being transported to shore. Because these forty days are the incubation period of illness. If someone becomes infected, it will become clear within forty days, and then they can be separated. Until then, every shipwrecked human being is potentially infected, which can spread the disease.

Technology and medical were not so advanced at the time, there was no way to easily diagnose the disease. The forty days’ blockade was guarded to avoid any risk as a result. The number 40 is called ‘quarantine’ in Italian. And time means ‘three’ in Italy. As a result, they used to call this waiting time a quoran-trio. The word quarantine comes from that.

That is, this quarantine applies only to people who appear to be potentially infected, although seemingly healthy. People who look healthy from the outside, but may or may not be healthy, may still have seizures, but those who have not yet experienced any symptoms – are kept in quarantine.
Not only prisoners, but also isolation
Although quarantine is isolated and captive, it is not isolation. Isolation is the state in which the presence of germs can be ensured. Or if you are not diagnosed, there will be symptoms and should be monitored. At that time, he will not only be given the captivity of detainees, he will be isolated and treated. That condition is called isolation.
In short, isolation is for sick people and quarantine is for healthy or seemingly healthy people. If anyone has any symptoms or illness while in quarantine, he should be taken to isolation and treated and examined.
Quarantine in probability, isolation in illness
The duration of quarantine or isolation depends on the latency of the disease or how long the incubation period is. For example, in the case of coronavirus, the incubation period of this virus is at least 7 days. That is, if anyone has a bacterial infection in the body, quarantine for up to 5 days will result in symptoms or illness. Although recently Hu said, in many cases the coronavirus is taking up to 20 days to make its debut.
Although quarantine is of a fixed duration, there is no specific time period for an infected person or a sick patient to be kept in isolation. As long as his treatment continues, he should be kept in isolation until he is healthy. If the virus is suspected to spread through various means such as sneezing, coughing, spitting or excretion of the urine, this isolation is necessary until it is fully recovered. The isolation can be said to be complete only if there is evidence of disease eradication after recuperation.
Where is quarantine or isolation done?
Experts said the isolation should be done at the hospital, where the entire medical infrastructure is in place. Because isolation means treating the patient with isolation. But there are times when a sick patient is at home, he is undergoing treatment. However, because of the infectious, someone in the house is prevented from going to the patient. It is also a type of isolation.
Quarantine, of course, depends on many things. According to the importance of the disease, the level of the infected, the surrounding conditions, the location – where the quarantine is decided. For example, in the case of coronavirus, if anyone comes to India from a foreign country, he should be taken away and quarantined under the management of the government. This is called controlled quarantine. If you have symptoms while staying here, the government will take you to the doctor
It may also be voluntary quarantine. In this case, the inside of the room can be separated at any place of your choice. Maybe there is no illness, but you should go to a doctor if you have any symptoms.
Surveillance is urgent
Doctors say the suspects have to be kept in a tightly controlled quarantine from the very beginning to prevent the spread of an infectious disease. If they are ill then they should be treated with isolation. It must be done with a very strict hand, with vigilant surveillance. This is very important for coronavirus.