Ahsan Ullah.
Those who thought of religious division. Corona will not come, they were wrong. Those who thought that corona did not survive high temperatures were also wrong. Those who thought that Corona would not exist after a few days were also wrong. These mistakes are now proven to be true.

Now those who think that Corona will leave in a month or two are mistaken. Those who think that corona vaccine will be vaccinated soon are also mistaken. Those who think that they will be free from the virus just by going through the epidemic from inside the house are also very forgetful.
Corona isn’t going perfectly. No vaccine is coming into your hands before one or two years. No protection can be created for healthy people where the corona will not enter. You are human; Eternity cannot live without employees, outside markets, human contact, the heat of the sun, the love of nature. If you want to live like this, you will be insane.
What is the way?
Once upon a time, village after village was afflicted with various contagious diseases of cholera. People would flee the area because they did not know why cholera occurs? Water can be easily disinfected by boiling. Cholera is no longer an epidemic, because people know that drinking boiled and pure water does not cause cholera.
We don’t know by what means it spreads. Corona spreads through the patient’s saliva, cough, saliva or tears. If you do not allow these to enter your nose and mouth through the eyes, you will not be able to corona.
It is very easy to say and very difficult to do again. The slave of many years of practice will have to subdue your hand. Hands should not be washed with soap and should not touch nose, mouth or eyes in any way. Flying spit, saliva or water from others should be prevented with a mask and goggles. It is very easy to prevent saliva from being spit out in the middle of a speech with the help of a mask worn by both the speaker and the listener.

Like the story of the invention of the shoe, the whole world is not covered with leather, but as soon as you cover your feet; Similarly, cover your nose, mouth, eyes and restrain your hands. By changing these little habits you can prevent corona 95% …. trust the doctor for the remaining five percent. Natural Resistant Foods Eat more natural foods with vitamin C. Take medicine as advised by the doctor, rest, stay separate.
Remember prevention is better than cure. With six elements of nature, scientists can quickly discover the antidote to corona. The discovery of this antidote should not take more than a month. A very readily available subject. All you need is a good mind. Corona create a planned agricultural arrangement for the next food problem. Fry livestock and medicinal gardens in uncultivated areas. Establish the Third World Green Economy. Eliminate nuclear. Let’s all go back to the ground.
Don’t be afraid to be mentally ill. There is nothing more righteous than death; If you are born on earth you have to die. Die once in a lifetime to survive Corona; Don’t be afraid. Remember your life is beautiful; But only if you can enjoy it with good health !!
(Author: Herbal researcher Environmentally friendly agricultural entrepreneur and inventor. ahsangnd@gmail.com